Barack Obama: Trump’s True Motivation

Whenever a new figure arises wanting to become President, one common question asked is “Why do you want to become President?” Most successful modern leaders base their intentions for running on either helping the public, or executing interests for private corporations.

Evidently, Donald Trump’s primary motivation for seeking the Presidency suggests it is other than “giving back”, or enriching himself and his colleagues. Arguably, the most significant motivation for Trump is President Obama. The idea of a black man holding an office and public image greater than Trump’s own is incomprehensible for him.

The 45th President does not truly desire aiding the American citizen, but to only abolish any legacy Obama left behind. Recently, the GOP’s healthcare bill aimed at Repealing and Replacing Obamacare collapsed in the Senate. Trump immediately set out a call to “let Obamacare fail”, or “Repeal Obamacare now and Replace later.” Surely, a U.S President would not possibly take away a functioning healthcare that insured 24 million people without replacement. It legitimately meant he was willing to endanger the lives of his own people, merely to rid the name “Obama” from America. How could a man who claimed to represent the silent majority of Americans be comfortable with allowing a system that ensured millions the promise of life, to be simply taken away. Understandably, there are aspects of the ACA that cause some people financial challenges, and they must be addressed by this administration. Nonetheless, President Trump refuses to even work on the legislation, deeming it better to ignore and allow to fail. Clearly, American lives are not significant concern to him, the only critical intention looming within his mind is clearing any evidence of his predecessor’s existence.

Without a doubt, Trump is not in office with the foremost intention of strengthening American society. However, DJT is driven to destroy the work and legacy of a man he finds threatened his own status on the public stage. Donald Trump has never been about leading a hand to others. Every action he takes is built upon on the principles of enriching himself, whether it be for financial, social or emotional gains.